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Why YouTube Isn’t Promoting My Videos


If you’re wondering why YouTube isn’t promoting your videos, it’s probably because you don’t have enough content. Your video’s thumbnail should tell your viewer what it’s about, and a random still won’t cut it. You should use keywords related to your content and organize your videos according to your target audience. Using a high CTR (click-through rate) can help your videos get noticed.

If you’re wondering why your videos don’t get many views, try using a contest. A contest can be a quick way to get more views. YouTube’s algorithm takes several factors into consideration when choosing videos to show in search results. Create a contest and give people a reason to win. Those who win get more views and subscribers. Don’t be afraid to make your videos funny!

If your videos are boring and don’t engage with your audience, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will watch them. Try posting a short, interesting video on your blog, or sharing it on social media. If you’ve got a long video, this could be one of the reasons why you’re not getting many views. If you have a video that’s about an important topic, try tying it to related content. In addition, you can add links to other content that’s relevant to your topic. Don’t sell products in the description. Selling in the description isn’t good for SEO and makes your channel look like spam. Make sure to include your primary keywords 3 or 4 times and LSI (likely related) keywords naturally.

If your video is over 10 minutes long, consider breaking it up into several shorter videos. While it’s important to keep the video short, it’s better to make it long enough to get links and be interesting enough to finish. You can also include a call to action in the video annotation. If you’re not able to do this, you can always split it up into smaller videos. If your video is over 10 minutes, add a link in the annotation to your video.

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