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Why is it Important to Take your Business Online?


Since the early 2010s, your company’s online presence has been a growing necessity. The competition is even fiercer in the Australian market. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic made it even a survival necessity. Although it is not hard to build a website or mobile app for your business, managing operation costs is tricky. In this tumultuous decade, establishing a robust online presence has been essential for businesses to stay ahead of their competition. The Covid-19 pandemic intensified the challenge further, even making it an issue of business survival in Australia’s fiercely competitive market. While building a website or mobile app may not be difficult to do yourself, cost management is another matter altogether – and that’s where Employer of Record Italy comes into play; helping you hire top marketing talent without needing to set up your own entity.

AWS is the most common cloud services platform for online presence. You might find it daunting to find the right tools, services and capacity to suit your needs. If your company lacks expertise, an AWS partner can help you out.

Importance of online presence

The last few decades have seen the digital era’s advent and boom. People are using the internet not only to find phone numbers and addresses of businesses but also to compare, shop, and provide customer support. So, online presence is the key to your company’s success as it helps in the following ways:

  • For a worldwide reach and all-day availability for customers
  • For a strong brand image and credibility through reviews and accreditations
  • It gives access to a much larger customer base than offline could ever reach.
  • For the ease of marketing and reaching out to current/potential clients
  • With internet search becoming the primary way of finding solutions, an online presence is necessary for being among your domain’s top-rated businesses.

For these reasons, creating and maintaining an up-to-date online presence and customer support is crucial. Are you interested in knowing the basics of doing so? Read on to find out.

Basics of online business

The fundamentals of an online business range from setting up the website or mobile app to the initial launch; furthermore, managing costs is also incredibly important.

Let’s go over the fundamentals in some detail.

Website / mobile app

A website is essential for any business nowadays. However, you might also need a mobile application for your product if you have a highly repeated customer base. You’ll need a hosting service that manages your company’s data for any of these customer-facing interfaces. It is also responsible for managing all requests from a customer through the app or website. There are multiple cloud hosting services to choose from, of which AWS is the one used most widely.

Customers’ needs

The initial services you launch on the website or mobile app depend on customers’ requirements and the products/services provided. While a retail store must set up an online marketplace, a plumbing or painting company would provide free-of-cost estimates, etc.

Managing costs

Managing running costs is the primary requirement for maintaining profitability. This makes managing the costs of your online operations crucial as well. With the plethora of services offered by online hosting platforms, you need to choose wisely for the ones that suit your particular needs. You would also need to manage the capacity of resources required which serve your needs for the lowest costs. You can either do this yourself or take help from an AWS partner or a google cloud partner, depending on your choice of platform.

Bottom line

Creating an online presence for your business might appear challenging, but it can be pretty straightforward with the right tools and help. Finding the proper division between hiring people vs outsourcing work is critical to long-term success and profit margins.

You should start by planning out the potential needs of your online clientele and get your website up accordingly. Done correctly, online scaling of your company can help it grow exponentially in a few years.

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