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What is the need for specialised tile removal equipment?


Is your old tile finish making you sad? If that’s the situation, you might consider upgrading your house. You may save money by attempting to remove tiles from your property. Following a few easy steps may be challenging, but it can also be pretty straightforward. You must also use the correct tile removal equipment and safety procedures associated with a tile removal machine while removing a tile installation. Fortunately, the tools you’ll need aren’t unreasonably expensive, and you may already own some of them. Please remember that shards of crushed tiles may be pretty sharp, so be sure to exercise safety first.


If you don’t already have one, a hammer is your best option. The cheapest way to remove your tiles is with a hammer. In addition to hammers, you may use claw hammers, but you must exercise more caution. When it comes to removing tiles, nothing beats a Mallet hammer. But if you have a claw hammer, you can also use it. All that makes the mallet hammer the most popular tool is its speedy ability to chisel through the tiles.

Chisel for masonry:

You’ll need a masonry chisel to get to those hard-to-reach places. You may also simultaneously use a chisel and hammer to complete the job. The masonry chisel does an excellent job lifting tiles, but it also comes at a reasonable price. You can easily remove the whole floor using a hammer and chisel, but the task will take longer.


You’ll need a sledgehammer for the destruction of tiles and the removal of them. It’s a lot more potent than a hammer. However, this isn’t always the best option. For example, if you want to remove all of the tiles in a bathroom, this is not the most excellent equipment for the job. A sledgehammer requires extra room around you to be adequately swung. It’s also essential to take additional precautions while using a sledgehammer. For example, if you’re not renovating your kitchen and need to remove the tiles.

Drilling into the tiles:

A drill bit may help make holes in a tough tile. Boring holes in the structure make it easier to dismantle using various instruments. Additionally, you may require a different drill bit depending on the material being removed. Ceramic tiles, for example, may need the use of a diamond drill bit. You may pick and select from various possibilities here at RUBI Tools.

A blowtorch:

The use of an air hammer makes removing tiles considerably easier. Pressurised air helps swing the hammer back and forth efficiently. The hammer may produce up to 5000 swings per second. You may also use the air hammer to attach the chisel head. It will speed up the process of chipping tiles and grout. Although an air hammer chisel is less precise than a hand chisel, it is easier to use.

A Scraper For The Floor:

It’s a handy tool to have if your tiles aren’t too closely interlocked. An angled razor-sharp scraper is fitted to the end of a floor scraper. You may use a scraper to penetrate the tile and pull it up by pressing the handle. Sturdy and affordable, this is an excellent choice. On the other hand, it’s not very useful for other household tasks.


Grout removal requires accuracy, but a fantastic tool simplifies the job. It’s common to see grout lines on the floor after using a tile removal machine. Removing them using a chisel and hammer takes time and may not be efficient when dealing with a broad area. Get a grout removal machine for home improvement.

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