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What Age Uses Social Media the Most?


In recent years, young people have been the most active social media users, and this trend has continued. By 2013, nearly half of under-65s were active on social media. This number has steadily increased over time, with 18 to 29-year-olds making up a majority. Among the oldest age anabolic-androgenic steroid abuse groups, however, the ratio is reversed: 65 and older users are only a third of those under-65.

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The majority of social media users are young adults, with Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter the most popular. According to Pew Research Center statistics, more than 90 percent of Americans aged 18-to-29 use social media. Nearly half of this age group uses Twitter. But what are the reasons behind this increase in usage? Here are some of the most compelling statistics. Let’s examine each age group’s use of social media.

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Social media usage has skyrocketed in developing countries, with the average user age of 18-34. New users coming online will continue to drive growth in social media. Access to technology and gender disparity will determine the pace of social media adoption. For now, however, millennials seem to be the most active social media users. But the numbers are not all bad. The statistics show that 65% of the population of developing countries is active on social media.

Younger users are more likely to engage in social media, with almost half of all 18-29-year-olds using the app. And those using Instagram are significantly younger than the overall population. Twenty-four percent of adults use the platform daily or multiple times per day. Meanwhile, one-fifth of adults use WhatsApp, which is growing rapidly among young adults. It is also used more frequently in the car than any other age group.

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