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How to Wear Floral Dresses


A floral dress is a trend for those who like to be the centre of attention. These dresses are an elegant look with a touch of playfulness in them. They are sometimes a little hard to pull off, considering one can style them in multiple ways. But if one commits to a style that works for their body type and personality, one will find that floral dresses make any outfit look much more fun. Here are some tips for how to wear a floral dress—and wear them well:

Wear Printed Heels:

Printed shoes are a great way to add cheerful colour to the outfit. They look gorgeous as statement pieces. Floral print pumps and sandals are versatile because they go well with everything from casual outfits to evening dresses. If one is unsure if floral-printed heels are right for them, select subtle pairs with separated prints, for starters!

Do not overdo it:

Floral print dresses can be just as versatile as their solid counterparts. But, if one wears them often, make sure not to overdo them since they can look unflattering in no time. Floral prints can be overwhelming on their own and can even become overwhelming when paired with other floral pieces.

For example, if one wears a dress with large flowers that cover most of the upper body, then consider pairing it with a pastel cardigan or jacket to tone down the look. A simple blouse underneath will also do the trick.

Mix prints:

Mixing prints is a great way to add variety to a wardrobe. The key is to combine the patterns in the right way. Here are some tips:

  • Use a bold print for an accent piece: A statement dress or skirt can be worn with a neutral top, making it the outfit’s focal point. This solution works well if one is on vacation because one can buy one item that suits multiple occasions and pair it with other prints that fit into other aspects of the itinerary.
  • Use a neutral print for a base piece: If one lives somewhere warm or wants something versatile and comfortable, sticking with neutral tones can help keep the look breezy and casual all year long.
  • Use patterned prints for statement pieces: Patterned prints are super fun because they allow one to express through clothing choices.

Accessories for floral dresses:

Floral accessories are a great way to dress floral dresses. The following are some of the most common ways to accessorise with flowers:

  • Attach one or two large flower brooches, pins or clips to the shoulder strap. One can also add smaller accent flowers around the edges of a dress and belt if one wants an extra boost of colour in addition to the central floral print on the clothes.
  • Consider a colourful headband with flower embellishment as an easy way to pull together different elements of the look.

Find the Right Cut for a Body Type:

While the style of the dress is always the central factor in how it looks, fit comes in at a close second place. While one cannot control how a dress fits, one can ensure that it suits the body type and makes it look great.

Here are some tips on finding the right cut:

  • Avoid dresses that are too tight (especially if fitted). They will be unflattering, making one look smaller than they are — which could be a problem if one has curves!
  • Avoid dresses that are too loose (especially if they are flowing). These do not highlight any part of the figure and end up looking shapeless and messy.
  • Go for something neither short nor long; midi-length styles work best for most body types.

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