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How to Lift a Truck Without a Lift Kit


If you have a lifted truck, you’ve probably noticed that it feels better on rough terrain. That’s because you have more room to accommodate larger tires without rubbing on underside components of the truck. However, there are some problems with newer trucks, which tend to have a nose-down slope. The fender on a truck can press against the front tire’s rubber, so you may want to consider a lift kit for this part of the vehicle.

You must lift your truck a minimum of two inches to avoid damaging its suspension, headlights, and steering system. Some new lift kits come with these accessories already installed, while others will require you to purchase these separately. Before you begin, consult your vehicle’s manual or find a lift kit that is compatible with your car. While the instructions included with a lift kit can be helpful, make sure you follow all instructions.

If you want to lift a truck a few inches without a lift kit, you can use air suspension. Air suspension can raise your truck two to three inches, and you can install a custom-made air spring if you want a larger lift. However, you should consider that adding an extra leaf can reduce the axle’s performance and decrease its lifespan. If you want to add an extra inch to your truck without a lift kit, it’s best to get a spring with at least three inches of travel.

The cost of a lift kit depends on the level of lift you desire. A suspension lift kit costs about $100 and can cost anywhere from four to six hundred dollars. You should check with your insurance company about any restrictions you face before installing your lift kit. Lift kits can be expensive and require professional installation, so it’s wise to seek professional advice before performing this modification. If you want to save money, you can also do it yourself.

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