How Did the Solar System Come to Be?

The inner planets were formed as a result of collisions between the outer and inner planetary bodies. They did not get as big as the outer ones, due to the lower percentage of metals in the Universe. These planets were too hot for water to condense. Eventually, four large bodies remained, including Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The outer planets, meanwhile, were shaped from a mix of metals, rocks, and water ice.

As the Sun grows, the filament carries solar system material. As the solar system grows in mass, it starts interacting with nearby protostars. The filament carries the solar system material, and this interaction causes the Sun’s low rotation rate. Collisions between protoplanets close to the Sun produce terrestrial planets. These collisions result in condensation of the filament and formation of giant planets and satellites. The theory was first proposed by the French astronomer Pierre-Simon Laplace. This theory says that the solar system began as a massive disc-shaped cloud of gas and dust. The planets and rings eventually grew up out of the disk, creating the solar system we know today.

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This formation process began when dust particles in the disk around the infant Sun started colliding randomly. The dust clumps grew rapidly, and they soon became hundreds of meters in size. This process continued for thousands of years. Eventually, these clumps of material became kilometer-sized and gravitationally attracted each other, eventually leading to planets. By then, the outer planets had already formed, but comets were still falling from the outer solar system.

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