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Guide to Celebrating the Second Anniversary of Ragnarok X Next Generation


Nuverse, the publisher of Ragnarok X Next Generation, has declared their plans to celebrate the second anniversary of the classic MMORPG mobile game. To address the feedback from dedicated adventurers, a range of updates and events are being implemented, such as rebalancing the classes, simplifying the process of taming pets, and gaining gold cards. In addition, there will be both in-game and offline events.

A new and captivating experience awaits adventurers as Poring transforms into X Poring, adding an extra layer of fun to the festivities. To heighten the celebratory atmosphere, X Poring has teamed up with Kafra to organize a set of enjoyable events that will surely bring more joy to the gathering.

From the 25th of June to the 9th of July, Ragnarok X Next Generation will hold a comeback of the event, “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”. It will feature a multiplayer mode, as well as costumes inspired by characters like Souei, Hinata Sakaguchi, and Shizue.

Events with exclusive opportunities to meet and greet people are offered.

To celebrate its second anniversary, the official Ragnarok X Next Generation team is hosting a series of exclusive meet-and-greet events. Starting in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 17th and continuing on the next day in Bangkok, Thailand, adventurers who attend these gatherings will have the chance to meet and interact with the Nuverse publishing team who developed ROX, and they will also receive complimentary game merchandise as a token of gratitude.

To facilitate broad involvement, explorers can enroll for both occasions easily through the ROX official community platform. Moreover, each assembly will be streamed live, enabling those who can’t be present physically to enjoy the energy from a distance.

By attending meet-and-greet events, players are able to get free game merchandise that features characters from the Ragnarok series. Additionally, for the Ragnarok X Next Generation, there is a grand prize of refining any equipment to Lv.12.

It is worth mentioning that explorers have been keeping an eye out for the ROX TRUCK. As of the 25th of May, adventurers have been taking part in a voting procedure to decide which cities in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines should be visited by the ROX TRUCK. In the near future, the triumphant cities will be disclosed with rewards and gifts of game merchandise, bringing a pleasant surprise to mark this momentous anniversary.

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