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Food Packaging Ideas


Good food packaging is important for several reasons. While the food must be protected and kept fresh, it also needs to look appealing. Takeaway food packaging must hold the food in place while still preserving its freshness. Damaged or spoiled food can cost a retailer money, which must be deducted from their profit. In addition to aesthetics, food packaging should make the product’s benefits obvious. Consumers spend only a few seconds deciding whether to buy a product, so its packaging must be aesthetically appealing to attract consumers.

For example, a popular Budapest coffee shop, Nostro Gastronomy, uses a special packaging design that lets consumers carry a cup and a cake in one hand. This packaging features a removable cup holder and a special insert that prevents the cake from sliding out during transport. While such packaging is highly expensive, it ensures that the food reaches its customer safely. However, this packaging idea does not require an original concept. A simple variation of it can be used for online delivery.

In addition to attracting consumers with its design, food packaging ideas need to align with the brand’s values. For example, high-end foods are often packaged in ornate boxes with ribbons and satin veneer to convey the image of luxury. Similarly, packaging for green products can communicate the brand’s image. A naive approach may not be effective for a healthy product, but it can be effective for a brand’s image.

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