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Exercise and Fitness Fallacies


The concept of “exercise” is often based on gender, but that’s not necessarily the case. According to Jenny Scott, Education Advisor for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, “Athletes develop their muscles in a different way from women, and the benefits of exercise are different for men and women.” For example, women don’t sweat as much as men, and a hotter core doesn’t necessarily mean more calories are burned.

The concept of building muscle while burning fat is a myth. Muscle and fat are different types of tissues, and they are not interconnected. Fat doesn’t turn into proteins, so there’s no direct correlation between the two. However, regular exercise increases muscle mass and burns body fat. Hence, exercising regularly improves your body’s health and is beneficial for your body in a variety of ways.

While many fitness enthusiasts would say that exercising should not cause physical pain, experts advise against this belief. While exercise is supposed to strengthen your muscles, pain is often an indication of over-exertion or injury. In reality, however, pain is a warning sign that your body needs rest. In fact, many fitness enthusiasts recommend a gradual increase in exercise, so that you can gradually increase your workouts without affecting your mood.

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