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Do You Still Have a Birthday Party Or at Least a Cake As an Adult?


As an adult, it is perfectly acceptable to have a birthday party or at least eat a birthday cake. However, there are differences between adult and child birthday parties. Adult birthdays may not involve gifts, so make sure to clarify this in the invitation. Instead of gifts, consider asking for time together with the big two. If you’d rather give something more practical, consider a gift card to a favorite restaurant or store.

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While cultural expectations have relaxed a bit around milestones, such as marriage and childbirth, birthday parties still carry the stigma of being “behind time.” You’re supposed to eat some fruit and not look at the clock, and you’re supposed to be a grownup, but you’re still an adult and you shouldn’t be embarrassed about it.

If you still have a birthday party, try to coordinate with your host. If you have a busy schedule, it’s best to plan your party on weekends, as it’s easier to coordinate the schedules of adults. Also, try not to serve alcohol. Instead of serving entrees, consider serving snacks instead. You’ll save money on food, too.

Besides the cake, you need to provide food. You can either buy food for everyone at the venue or prepare a simple meal. Just make sure that the menu includes plenty of healthy options. Planning for an adult birthday party can be similar to planning for a child’s party, but it may take more effort and time. A simple birthday party is still a great idea.

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