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Building Apps For Huawei


In a world where Google is blocked, building apps for Huawei could help you create applications for the company’s phones. Huawei phones run Android and previously used the Google Play store to distribute its applications, but now it is introducing its own AppGallery. The AppGallery is a mobile store exclusive to Huawei devices, allowing users to browse, download, and manage applications. Huawei’s new app store has been developed in response to a recent ban by the United States government on dealing with Huawei.

As Huawei tries to differentiate itself from Apple and Google, they are launching significant new features in the coming months. They’ve launched a payment platform called Huawei Pay in Pakistan and Russia, and are working on expanding it into other territories. Huawei also has plans to launch MEETime, a free alternative to FaceTime, as well as a custom Huawei Search and video app. With these features, Huawei is presenting a ripe opportunity for developers and app creators.

You can build apps for Huawei through Bitrise. Once you’ve created your Android app, you can export the BITRISE_APK_PATH Environment Variable. After building your Android APK, Bitrise Step will deploy your app to Huawei’s AppGallery. To install your app, click the “Deploy to Huawei App Gallery” button. If you’ve already deployed an app on another platform, you’ll need to install Huawei’s Android SDK. The Huawei AppGallery’s App ID can be found on AppGallery Connect’s app information section.

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